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Rev Up Your HR Software: Tekpon’s Pickup for 2023 is Here

MIDDLETOWN, Del., Feb. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In 2021, the US market registered a $30 Billion loss in unused software licenses and products. The main problem with this was that on the market, many products offer the same solution, yet businesses and people need to learn how to choose the right one for them. Considering the context, Tekpon is a software marketplace designed to put an end to software waste by helping companies choose a better tool for their needs.

Human Resources(HR) is not only the department that hires people but is the bridge between people and management in a company. And when your company starts to grow, the HR people will have more tasks and processes. The handy solution for your company and the department is to use an HR system that can help them streamline and automate many HR-related tasks, leading to cost savings, improved accuracy, better decision-making, enhanced communication, compliance, and better employee experiences. The HR software industry is growing, and thus there are many solutions. We made our picks for 2023 to help your company grow and make the recruitment process more manageable.

Top Human Resources(HR) for 2023:

Motivosity –
Category: Employee Engagement

Engagedly –
Category: Employee Performance Management

Zimyo –
Category: Employee Experience Platform

Fingercheck –
Category: HR Management Platform

Multiplier –
Category: Compliance & Payroll Platform

TurboHire –
Category: Recruitment Management

Workable –
Category: Hiring Platform

Odoo –
Category: HR Management Platform

Manatal –
Category: AI Recruitment Platform

Lever –
Category: Talent Acquisition

Companies can discover all the software companies and products on Tekpon, depending on their needs, business models, and budget.

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