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Tekpon’s Go-To Project Management Software Pick for 2023

MIDDLETOWN, Del., April 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In 2021, the US market registered a $30 Billion loss in unused software licenses and products. The main problem with this was that on the market, many products offer the same solution, yet businesses and people need to learn how to choose the right one for them. Considering the context, Tekpon is a software marketplace designed to put an end to software waste by helping companies choose a better tool for their needs.

Project management may sound dry and dull but trust us; it’s a big deal for your company and your team. After all, without a proper project management tool and organization, chaos reigns supreme, deadlines get missed, and everyone gets stressed and confused. But fear not. There are many solutions in the market, and we sorted out some of them and made our pickups for 2023. Our top picks for project management software that will help you get your business organized and your team on track without losing your mind are here. So, please grab a cup of coffee, take a deep breath, and let’s dive into the beautiful world of project management!

Our Best Project Management Software picks for 2023 are:

Wrike –

Wrike is a modern project management tool that allows teams to collaborate on projects in a centralized system. Because it provides enterprise-grade security and plans, the product is aimed at all types of businesses, including enterprise businesses. Moreover, the product includes digital asset management focusing on visibility and accessibility. Wrike has something for everyone with its various available features.

Rocketlane –

Rocketlane is a platform for collaborative customer onboarding that improves the customer experience while streamlining implementation projects. It combines project management, document collaboration, and communication capabilities into a seamless experience that reduces time to value and aids in meeting project objectives.

BigTime –

BigTime provides an operating platform for professional service firms. Businesses can create better procedures, from project planning and budgeting to tracking time, expenses, and billing. BigTime also provides project management to receive real-time visibility into current and forthcoming projects as well as valuable insights. With interactive Gantt charts, managers may also discover ways to increase productivity. In addition, they can plan projects and manage workflows.

Nifty –

The mission of Nifty, a project management software solution, is to offer an all-in-one solution. Access debates, document sharing, reporting capabilities, and collaboration tools are all on one platform. Nifty has applications for managing legal cases and Agile development projects, which can fundamentally change how you manage projects in a wide range of industries.

PeerBie –

Teams may easily remain on top of their work with the help of PeerBie, an online tool for project management or collaboration. You’ll be able to manage your team and projects more successfully using PeerBie’s user-friendly design and robust functionality. Additionally, this team management tool has powerful features like time tracking, task delegation, and file sharing, making it simple to assign projects and measure progress.

Companies can discover all the software companies and products on Tekpon, depending on their needs, business models, and budget.

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